Are Boiler Filters Worth It?

Why do Boilers break down?

As boilers are mostly made out of metal and contains water, it’s no surprise that rust can be formed. This can cause build ups of debris and a metal sludge which can cause blockages in your heating system and can stop it from working.

In order to remove a blockage it’s likely that you’ll need either a powerflush or need to replace the heat exchanger.

How to prevent blockages and boiler break downs

The majority of build ups of debris can be prevented chemically, however for the sludge we would recommend adding a magnetic boiler filter to your heating system.

The magnetic filter will collect the sludge as it passes through, stopping it from reaching your boiler and other areas of your heating system. As the sludge is metal the powerful magnet within the filter will have no problems with collecting it.

How can I install a filter?

If you’re having a new boiler installed we’d recommend having a magnetic filter installed too. Depending on the manufacturer of your new boiler it can even extend your boiler’s warranty.

A filter can also be added to an existing system, however it does need to be installed near to the boiler so there will need to be room to do this.

Does the filter need to be maintained?

The filter will need cleaning from time to time, however this is something which should be included in a yearly service, which we’d recommend whether you have a filter or not.

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