Where can my new boiler be installed

Whilst it’s usually easier and cheaper to have your boiler replaced without moving the location, there are some circumstances where you may wish to move the location. If you are considering moving your boiler to a new location here are some considerations:

  • Your boiler should be installed inside and can safely be installed in most rooms or even in your loft (as long as there’s a suitable wall that can take the weight of the boiler). It’s worth considering when choosing which room that there will be need for an engineer to have access, so you may prefer to have it near an entrance in order to stop tradesmen traipsing through your house.
  • The boilers flue must pass outside, whether through an external wall or through the roof. There are legal requirements for the distance between your boiler and things such as windows, air bricks and other buildings. The boiler installation manual should provide you with these minimum requirements.
  • The condensation pipe also needs to drain somewhere, whether outside or into the internal household drainage. To ensure that your boiler runs smoothly during winter we would recommend that you have it installed to drain into the internal household drainage so that it doesn’t freeze in cold weather and shut your boiler down.
  • If you’re planning on having your boiler in an outhouse then you should also make extra considerations about your boilers insulation, as you don’t want your system freezing when you need it most. We’d also recommend that you focus on the piping as well as the actual boiler itself.

Certain types of boilers will also have further special requirements, we would recommend that you contact your local heating engineers in order to get advice on where to relocate your boiler as they will be able to make you aware of any extra requirements.

If you’re in the Leeds area and need advice give Aquaheat a call on 01134 670 278

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